Animals Stories – Final Design and Model

To incorporate the stories of the animals we chose to use projections to help convey the lives and stories of the animals.
We chose to create a dimly lit space with the animals displayed beneath white drapery to represent the deaths of the animals.


In front of each display would be a pull switch which, when pulled, would operate a mechanism, pulling the drapery up to reveal the animal beneath it. The drapery, which is attached to a framework would then be lifted behind the animal to create the screen on which the projections would begin to play onto.


After meeting with the curators we chose to incorporate some of their suggestions into the design by using mortuary tables to display the taxidermy on, which would both represent the human interventions of the animals deaths and the process of taxidermy. We also chose to add taxidermy tools to the ends of the pull switch to further represent the taxidermy process.


The animals will be displayed at varying heights, creating a more dynamic display and simultaneously putting each animal closer to the viewers eye level.


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