Discipline Interviews

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It was first important to understand what each discipline felt it was like to work for CORDE, to understand the benefits and disadvantages that come from working as a multi-disciplinary team. Each discipline had the following to say:

“We are like the conductor of an orchestra, trying to get itself in tune.  All the individuals know what they need to do, but the challenge is to make it work together harmoniously. This can only happen if they are guided clearly, and know exactly what to do at the right time in order to achieve the desired result.”

– AM, Senior Architect

“Coordination is a significant element in the design process,. As we need space for our services sometimes this can be overlooked as the unseen element of the building. Corde offers an integrated solution for continuing and regular coordination throughout the design process. This way our voices are heard, more than it would be in a DTM setting.  Instead of attacking a shopping list, it becomes part of the process.”

– DC, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“Working within a multi-discipline office has really opened my eyes to the unique challenges faced by each discipline, which may not come across through the traditional design approach. It is extremely useful to be able to broach issues face-to-face outside of a formal design team meeting agenda, and they are often resolved faster and more holistically than I would otherwise anticipate. I think there are great benefits to be had, both for the team and the client, from a combined design environment, particularly when everyone’s aims and requirements are respected right from a project’s conception.”

– TS, Senior Structural Project Engineer

Jade Sturmey – PT2

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