Where will the Architecture profession be in 2025?

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After discussing with the different disciplines of CORDE, what they felt were the advantages and disadvantages of working as a multi-disciplinary team. It was clear to me that the architect felt that they took on a lot more responsibility in organising and leading the team on projects. This prompted the question; where will the architecture profession be in the future?

The RIBA’s think tank Building Futures survey found that the profession has a lot of changes ahead of it. The survey suggests that by 2025 architectural firms will have to focus more on a financial and business approach, whilst moving away from the traditional title of ‘architect,’ in the favour of ‘design houses.’

Multi-disciplinary mega practices are anticipated to become the norm, with practices now looking at formalising the services they offer, ready for this shift.

Importantly the survey also suggests that architects will be forced to branch out to other areas of the construction industry, with the RIBA having to redefine what an architect does. (Jamieson, 2011)

Jade Sturmey – PT2

Jamieson, C. (2011) The Future for Architects? [pdf] Available at: http://www.buildingfutures.org.uk/assets/downloads/The_Future_for_Architects_Full_Report_2.pdf [Accessed 21 November 2016].

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