The Museum Collection

  • We went to the warehouse where the artefacts and objects for the museum are stored, we were told that around 10% of the museums collections are displayed whilst the other 90% are in the warehouse for storage.IMG_7004.JPG
  • For this workshop we were shown around the warehouse and then presented with an object in the warehouse that was out of place. We had to “ask” the object questions to find out more information about it.002.jpg

We were given a bike as seen below:

IMG_7005.JPG We asked questions like: ‘What does B.S.A mean?’ or ‘Is it the first folded bike ever invented?’ in order to get information that will help us to guess what was its purpose.

After the exercise we found out that the bike was actually used in second world war, and it used to be parachuted on the battlefield providing the soldiers with a quick and silent mean of transportation.

This exercise proved us that behind every object there can be an interesting story and it is very important the way it is presented to the public.

Also the exercise was particularly useful as it made us think of questions that we would not normally have had to think about to find out information. It also gave us a greater understanding of what questions to ask in order to obtain the information we required. This helped us when we were introduced to our artefact that was relevant to our story.

IMG_7014.JPG The object in nature was a group of butterflies displayed in columns in a case that was part of a chest of drawers.

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