Augmented reality – A Virtual installation.

The client for the project had stressed concerns with an installation in Fletchers walk, where we had originally intended to suspend 2,000 models from the soffit. Wanting to still have a public facing exhibition in one of the last remnants of the ‘old’ library complex, as a group we explored the application of virtual reality in order to curate an invisible installation.

The following diagrams explain how the Augmented Reality software is used by developers and end users:

The developer is able to use a variety of modelling platforms, allowing a preferred software to be used, the Augmented Reality plugin by ARMedia can then be utilised to generate the required file type.

Members of the public can choose to download the app to their smart phone or tablet, before proceeding to download the ARMedia app and models associated to the markers. (The web address/ QR code would be displayed on posters.)



[Aaron Folkes]
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