Digital Fashion / Workshop 3 / Marc

Abstract Drawing #2

Again ran by Lee, we looked at drawing in a similar approach as the 1st workshop. This time it was less focused on the drawing allowing us to discuss the possibilities of how we can incorporate technology into various processes that the fashion students may find useful.

It was interesting to see that what an architecture may perceive as normal in the world of design, actually isn’t. My group consisted of myself, Claire and Pui Si and the only software we had in common was Photoshop and a small amount of Illustrator. The use of Vectors was not that know to Claire or Pui Si which is arguably integral to an architecture student, especially with the range of processes this line work will allow you to achieve.

To begin with we scanned a selected drawing and used Illustrator to convert the artwork to Vectors that would allow us to take it to an alternative program and produce a physical form. We chose AutoCAD and decided to cut out the line work using the laser cutter as a way of initially understanding the process.

It was a fun task and I think Claire and Pui Si found it `enlightening` and hopefully gave them an insight in to how they could generate a future design with the aid of IT. Now they have had the opportunity to get a glimpse of this potential it will be good to sit down with them soon to see if it has instigated any thinking for future projects.

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