BAAD Structure at Live + Loud


One for the archive…The BAAD structure was conceived as an intervention for Art & Design students in their formal building on Margaret Street, designed to open up dialogues between students and encourage students to develop new modes of presentation around it.

In October, it was dismantled and reinstalled in Selfridges as part of the Live + Loud event for a series of performance pieces by School of Art students. It has fulfilled its ambitions on a number of levels; in its temporality, relationship between work and context, a physical framework for hosting unconventional art, occupation/management by a diverse set of people, and a platform for multi-disciplinary work to occur.

If I was to make one critical comment, it is that its setup felt somewhat of a traditional stage, which clearly separates the performer from the audience – an line it initially tried to blur. Some images from the day:

all images: © ARTicle Gallery
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