Digital Fashion / Intro & Task 1a /Neerij

Why I choose this co lab ?

The reason what interests me about the word “digital fashion ” is the word digital, by this i thought i could learn some new techniques which i can apply to my own design work, and the word “fashion”i thought about how architects and fashion students can come together in the industry, it will be a nice idea to see how they both work and how there process is different or the same…

I began to look at some precedents that have used 3d design and printing in fashion and how I feel about it. some are complex and some are simple but the simplicity of them show such a great design which really caught my attention.



These images are from a girl called  Peleg, a 27-year-old recent graduate from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, decided to create her entire collection using a 3D printer. The use of shapes which she has used and manipulated to create an outstanding garment piece is incredible.

“I wanted to challenge myself to print the entire collection using home 3D printers,” Peleg told Mashable. “To be honest, I also wanted to have the freedom to make my own textiles as opposed to depending on what I’d find on the market.”

Fashion Design and Complex (Un)Folded Geometries


Task 1-

Draw and construct a pattern.

Pattern 1-

Pattern 2-

Pattern 3-



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