Digital Fashion/ Task 2/ lesson 2/ Neerij

This workshop was with the second set of fashions students. this was a great opportunity to see how they work and how they can come up with ideas quickly by looking at a piece of garment, whereas us architects take time to view things. so it was interesting to see there process.

This was shocking to see because as they saw the garment you can see that they were talking all sorts about cutting into and developing that certain part which was interesting to see. This first started off with 3 fashions students and 2 architecture students, with one piece of garment which was a black and white stripy shirt as shown below.


once we looked at this garment as a group we were told to choose a shape between a diamond and a square so we choose the square, by this we cut a square out at a certain measurement, and then inserting an additional contrasting material to see what we could do to make this shirt more intresting.


Second part was to add the diamond shape in somewhere in the garment we decided to cut through the square to make it different and how the design would change. if it will look good or not, its the matter of experimentation.

Response to workshop

Fashion drawing

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