Digital Fashion / Experimentation / Marc

I began to look at the possibilities of something I can create in 3D and I wanted to produce something that is personal to me. Two very personal items to me that I treasure are my wedding ring, which has my wife’s finger print, and a recording or my sons heartbeat from before he was born.

I began the process of getting these items in to a 3D environment. Using Adobe Illustrator I took the scan of the fingerprint and converted it to a vector which I then extruded and began to manipulate in 3DS Max. I also used the scanned image to create a 3D bump map using Rhino.

I captured the sound wave from the recording using Audacity and used a similar process to take that image in to 3DS Max. I also created a repetitive pattern with the 2D line work to see if there are any possibilities in working with that too.

The next step is to try and develop the possibilities of how I could manipulate these further to produce a wearable item.

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