Digital_Fashion / intial reading / Marc

I elected to join this Co Lab group because of the `digital` element. Through this process I hope to learn more about transferring objects and ideas from the screen to a physical 3d form especially as I work with 3d models most days at work and at home.

I began by looking for a few precedents that have utilised 3d design and printing in fashion and the following all appealed. They are quite complex and possible parametric which through the process of this module would probably be difficult to replicate but if I could incorporate some of the processes required for these examples  I would consider those skills a great benefit to the rest of my studies and possibly in practice.

These images are from a collection by Iris Van Herpen called `Hybrid Holism` and actually apply materials of a more architectural quality such as mirror copper sheeting, metallic coated strips and acrylic transparent sheets. Iris also introduced a process referred to as `Mammoth Stereo Lithography` which refers to a method involving 3D printing. This dress was produced in collaboration with architect Julia Kromer


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