Nature is emulated by man in architecture and it is from natures structures that the power behind architecture are found. Ruskin compares the size of natural structures to that which are architectural. He states that architecture if not placed to compete with the size of natures structures may command Power unrivaled by nature. It is however more common for man to mar the sublimity of nature, Ruskin describes the idea that one villa can ruin a landscape destroying its power and impact.

The power within our site comes from its natural state with little man made influence. It also comes from the scale of the trees dominating the site, trees as natural forms have some of the largest size compared to man made forms especially those in Ruskin’s time, with the largest tree in the world standing at 115.55 m.

The size of ornament to convey power must be decided upon without compromise, to have an effect these must be repetitive and numerous enough to have an effect in the midst of the structure. For a building to have majesty it must have one continuous bounding line and not just be able to be seen all at once, this again can be related to the source of the Power found on site, the trees throughout the site have one continuous line along their trunk.

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