1st Session

Our task was to draw, draw and draw!
The aim was to draw our peers in order to understand a few ways that the textile industry portray their ideas.
As an architectural assistant and student, hours are spent drawing straight white lines on a dark background in CAD, it was amazing to splash colour and just go for it! We were given a few tasks to loosen up as we were all rigid, by drawing lines between 20 boxes drawn on paper.There after we mainly drew the silhouettes of the posers and then select areas to draw in more detail or to colour. Most of the techniques were abstract and inspired by the works of cubist and progressive German artists.

It was fun and very creative and it was almost approaching a task like a child. Completely open and not worried about it being right or wrong. This could also have been the speed of the different tasks.

These are the results:
a042a049a047 a041 a043a046 a045   a040


Speed of the initial design, so that you instantly have something to work with.

Being completely open, will help designs flow easier.

Like drawing the silhouettes and focusing on details, learning how to curate the work, focusing on showing the most important aspect.

Not to fear colour!

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