3D Workshop

 The fashion student’s playground:

This session was inspired by Japenese fashion designers such as Yohji Yamamoto. Photo below:


Yohji Yamamoto, fall/winter 2001-02 ready-to-wear collection.© AP/Wide World Photos.

The aim was to take a garment and to de-construct it, and also to get to know some of the fashion students who picked the abstract module.
Here is a quick guide on what we did today and how to change your every day wear into an abstract garment:
How to make a garment
Pictures of the transformation:
IMG_1846  IMG_1849
IMG_1850 IMG_1853


In the next session, the concept will be the same but we will be bringing in more architectural, stiffer material and will have to consider how to fix them if we can’t sew with them.
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