Preethi Madhana Kumar// St.Edmunds Teaching

“If teaching has any purpose, it is to implant true insight and responsibility. Education must lead us from irresponsible opinion to true responsible judgement. It must lead us from chance and arbitrariness to rational clarity and intellectual order ”

– Ludwig mies van der rohe

On that note i would like to start by saying that teaching and learning , infact happen everywhere,in the studio and classroom, yes, but also in your worklace, at lunch, on the way to or from a meeting, during happy hours, when you walk out of the school for the day, etc. Whatever setting you aspire to be a teacher in.It might not just be what you taught ,it might also be something which you learn by teaching someone else.

The initial experiences at St. Edmunds was very good.It was nice to know about the inkling students have towards Architecture.Interesting questions were raised by them and one of which were -What is Architecture all about? If Architecture was all about bricks , drawings and paint ?.Which made me think that there was some level of conscious thinking put into it.I had to start explaining that Architecture is an art of designing the space/ buildings and drawings, paintings are the possible way of expression.My answer might not have convinced them entirely though.Hoping to learn more as i teach or i would say as i learn with them.

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