Owen Lewis // Interview Summary

With our group looking more into the study of the urban context, we tried to aim our interview questions at the board members vision of the mosque, how the spaces are used and developed, and about relevant issues regarding the surrounding context.

Some of our questions included:-

– How far does the Mosque attract people from & what is their preferred method of travel?

– In terms of the exterior congregation spaces, how far do you use the outside spaces for prayer or other events?

– What do you think the traditional heritage of the Mosque is in Britain & is there any potential to create a new tradition here?

– What mosque architecture in the UK or Europe do people refer to or bring up as examples?

– What influence should the mosque have on the local surroundings & on a city scale? Examples?

– What kind of developments/improvements would you like to see in the surrounding area?

These questions served more as a guide line for the interview as the discussion led onto other various topics.


Interview Summary

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