Fatima Ladak // Birmingham Central Mosque

Last week we were able to interview the clients and find out exactly what their vision for the mosque is in the future. We had some pretty interesting comments, but a few main points that were raised across all 4 people were about parking needs, the desire to maintain and strengthen the Central Mosque as a landmark and the need to update ablution and ablution facilities.

Diagrams of Interview


Dr Naseem, one of the key founders of the Central Mosque, had highlighted that the budget is also a key issue to consider. Although the aspiration to ‘have a distinct feature, to be a landmark on the route from the city centre to the airport’ is important, he emphasised that in terms of the budge ‘the less the better.’ Therefore, we must make sure cost is not taken lightly, and we fulfill all the needs of the community within a reasonable budget. As a group in the next couple of weeks, we intend to analyse the previous proposal submitted, against the responses received at the interview.

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