Simon Day | Print Degradation & it’s value

A more practical aspect of the design and print process when considering archival material is how the stored information will degrade over time, and how decisions made now will affect the quality and reliability of the information in years to come.

When considering the fading of photographic material, there are several factors to consider; heat, light, humidity, as well as degredation by physical contact, or ‘fingerprinting’. How will the archival material be handled, displayed and stored, and how will this affect its lifespan? Many archives are now being digitized, to preserve a copy of the information for the future, but how does the integrity of the information alter when it ceases to be physically available?

In addition, how do we want our archive to be viewed? Does the degradation of material make the archive more valuable, or seem more genuine, and is this a quality we wish to instil in our work?

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