Project Profile KHCSE

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TITLE: King’s Heath Centre for Space Exploration
LOCATION: King’s Heath and Worcester
COLLABORATORS: Worcester Community Centre,, John Hill-Daniel
PROJECT TYPE: Consultation, Design Feasibility

Talking about the spaces we inhabit is a non-confrontational, non-intrusive way of starting meaningful conversations on how we live our lives.

As a ‘Space Explorer’ students learn about the way we experience our built environment by engaging in deep and open-ended conversation with a variety of people in the spaces where they live, work, play and relax.  This particular design exploration extends and deepen our own understanding of how humans relate to the spaces they inhabit, whilst helping subjects to find new ways to see and use their spatial resources.  Students use the experience of these conversations in developing a resource that will give others, both within and outside the architecture discipline, a tool-kit and the confidence to facilitate similar discussions.

Consultation played a key role as a method of investigation. Conversations with local residents were filmed and edited to formulate a critical understanding of their comunal space before students intervened with their design proposal for a community centre. The project initially used King’s Heath Village before extending the project to Worcester Community Centre.

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Pages from Rebekhah Woods CoLab KHCSE-1-2

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