Research Profile: Social Mobility

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PROJECT: Social Mobility Into Architecture
PROJECT TYPE: Research, Statistical Analysis

The professions have played a big role in pushing society to achieve a more meritocratic society, where people are judged more on skills rather than social class (British Professions Today, spade 2009)

Social mobility is an aspiration of all three major political parties but to what extent is the school system effective in raising awareness of the role professions can play in improving opportunities?

This research studies the attitudes of year 10 students from three FE Colleges and Sixth Forms as they prepare their UCAS forms to determine whether aspirations for social mobility inform their choice of career. What other influences shape their career plans?

It will compare these with the ambitions of the first year of Birmingham School of Architecture. The report will comment on the effectiveness of career advice in leading to a more diverse profession. Please contact for more information.

STUDENTS: Simon Pope :: Lauren Raybould
STAFF: Ruth Reed

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