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live projects net






We recently submitted some projects to be part of the Live Projects Network, an online resource for a ‘critical point of reference’ on experiential learning activities. Set up by Jane Anderson and Colin Priest, two academics from Oxford Brookes University, their aim is to “promote the use of live projects in education, share best practice, encourage dialogue and also contribute to the establishment of a theoretical basis for the study of live projects.”

One of the unique aspects of the site is the method of filtering the projects through a series of characteristics in an attempt to highlight how these live projects demonstrate how such academic exercises are worth more than their educational objectives – entrepreneurialism for instance.

The network also tries to ally similar initiatives to Co.Lab as members, further emphasising a design practice that focuses on a collaborative approach that is socially driven.

The Co.Lab projects on the network are: Hayes Bridge, Flatpack Palais and Guerilla Ecology. We aim to submit more of our major projects in the coming months.


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