Highbury Park – Daniel Watson – 06/02/2013

After a group discussion about our new ideas, we reflected upon how the project could advance. In the week prior to this we had started to work in smaller groups in order to refine designs highlighting advantages and disadvantages. These new designs and potential elements of the Highbury Park site were discussed and an overall decision was made upon components that would be evident within the final design. It was decided that the installation would be constructed at the south end of the pond it would include; a naturalistic structure, a pond platform situated close to the water level and stepping stones that span across the pond. These elements should be seamlessly integrated.

So far principles of our design include, succession, enhancement of the current ecosystem, use of locally sourced eco-friendly materials and public interaction.

The next stage in our process is to individually create, sketches, plans and use precedents to describe our interpretation of the installation/platform. Our ideas will be presented and discussed the week commencing 11/02/13. After this meeting a general outline of our platform and the ideologies surrounding it should be wholly apparent.

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