Highbury Park – Sam Baker (So Far)

At the beginning we all had to produce a design for the ‘viewing platform’, my design began as a viewing case that comes up from under the pond and lets you view under the water without physically getting yourself wet. From the discussion in lesson this was seen to be improbable for the task, space and money allowed, so from that I went home and worked on my design.

The next week I came back with a different idea after getting some advice from Ula to look at ‘The Invisible Bridge’ by a dutch architect firm. I took key aspects from this design and moulded them into my own idea, in the end it turned out as a see through bridge that is submerged slightly under the water. Luckily from this my design was not used but the main idea behind my design was taken forward and used as one of the key ideas in the final design.

This idea of ‘Interactivity’ was then taken forward and used as one of the main points driving the design, I had my own input into how the final design should look and we spent last Wednesday debating about design aspects, layout of the design and how much we should influence we should have on the pond, wildlife and habitats. This development and debate is healthy for group discussion and will make out presentation that bit stronger.

For this week I have been drawing up what I think the different aspects of the final idea should look like and from this we will discuss which ones we like best out of everybody’s and decide upon a final design which will then be drawn up.

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