Highbury park – Luke Coe 4


Today we presented our joint ideas for the site and evaluated them. After a long debate over introducing new features and how they would effect the wild life and the history of the site, its become really clear that we want to create something that keeps in line with the history of the site, it until recent times has always been a really up to date area, keeping up with the style of the era, so creating something contemporary in design will follow that tradition. Also increasing ecological diversity is high on the agenda, with the site being one of the most ecologically diverse places in Birmingham we really want to enhance that and make it more obvious to the public. The last really important part we decided upon was creating an “opportunity”, what ever it is that we design has to give the public the opportunity to explore, the opportunity to learn and the opportunity for Highbury park to become a again valued part of the community.

Over the coming week it was decided that we would take away what we had learnt about each others designs and try to create the basis of a final design, that we will evaluate on Monday (11/02/2013). From that point we are going to start to put together the final design and model.

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