Highbury Park – Daniel Watson – 30/01/13

Our meeting this Wednesday proved very productive. All our individual concept designs were presented and analysed, resulting in the finding of key advantages and disadvantages within individual designs. It was discovered that many of our designs work well together and this has led to the next stage in the design process; to create a design that incorporates all the key advantages, we also have an awareness of the disadvantages within designs that can now be improved. These designs are now ready to be refined further and the key aspects can be combined intelligently. Many members brought further research to the meeting and we now have a more in depth understanding of historical context and potential building materials.


Seen as our designs follow similar principles about succession and habitation I will be working on a refined design with Fayzul. Next week I intend to bring along a further exploration of, succession, habitation and ecosystems and also a visual representation as to the potential of this design.

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