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Co (Collaborative) . LAB (LABORATORY)

(noun) Co.LAB

Co.LAB Module  {part of the undergraduate and postgraduate architecture teaching programme}
Co.LAB Office  {the collective structured organization running Co.LAB}
Co.LAB Projects  {the portfolio of ‘live’ projects undertaken within or outside the teaching curriculum}
Co.LAB Space  {a co-working place between the school of architecture, off site, and the city}
Co.LAB Events  {an annual festival of collaborative projects with the school, typically set in May}

(verb)    Co.LAB

Co.llaborative.LAB    {working together towards a common objective}
Co.operative.LAB    {working together across separate cohorts}
Co.axial.LAB   {to have a common axis or point of reference}    {specify a particular approach or information set}    {a clear, logical approach to a set task}

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