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We are able to accommodate 3 ranges of service, each with their own structured programme, benefits, and likely costs. We will consider projects from most sectors but particularly encourage ones from not-for-profit organisations, charities, community groups and the public initiatives.

1. Student Elective:

Projects will be integrated within the teaching curriculum for a year with a dedicated group of students and allocated member of staff working on it.

2. Design-led Research/Scoping Study:

These projects require a more investigative response. The outcome may not necessarily be physical but can take in the form of a report, visual document and/or physical prototypes. There will be a select number of students and academics with specific expertise working with the partners.


Partners will have a very specific project with a technical or design-based requirement. Co.LAB can provide expert advice on suitable solutions to proceed with on your own terms. An approved graduate, supported by a member of staff, will work closely with partners on projects on a specified outcome or area of investigation.

Please view our services under services for more information and to help you choose the most appropriate method to collaborate with Co.LAB.


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