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Co.LAB is an organisation embeded within the School of Architecture + Design at Birmingham City University. The school is part the  Arts, Design & Media faculty (ADM) – the largest arts institution outside London.

This comes with a vast array of facilities, resources and expertise that a university comes with, not to mention the extended network of external companies and specialist that the school has worked with over a number of years.

Being the longest-standing RIBA validated course in the West Midlands region, we are able to engage with a wide range of cultural institutions promoting and enhancing the value of the arts and architectural design to our everyday environment. As a project partner, you will become a collaborator and automatically contribute to the cultural value of the city.

Working with students can provide genuine added value to your project as well as contributing to their education. We, as a school, expect our students to produce work of a high standard and therefore you should not have low expectations just because they are students.

Our students are motivated, creative, open-minded and highly skilled. In fact students can generate some of the most interesting and creative responses to any problem and it can be easier to work with a student group as they are more approachable – generating a very open collaborative approach to design. We want collaborators to play a part in our vision and recognise the value of engaging students in the process.

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