Jewellery Multiplicity

Group 1 got the oppotunity to work with Wanshu Li and her “Go with the Glow” collection. As one of the outputs, we wanted to show off an idea we had where the users could view a space in 360.

The issue here was that Adobe has (as of December 2020) stopped support for Flash in PDFs, which mean that we could no longer use GIFs or Videos in a PDF to get this desired result.

Instead, we used YouTube.

By turning our video into a 360 and uploading them to YouTube, people were now able to view the work in 360 at their own leisure. But the new issue was that we had to somehow involve this into our portfolios. We then used an idea we had for abother one of our outputs: QR Codes. We used a website ( that let us make the Youtube videos turn into QR Codes.

Here are some of the 360 videos!

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