Ascension fabric in installation

Following the interim reviews, we split into four different groups to prepare elements for the Parkside shell installation. I along with two others worked on preparing the fabric element of the experience. In preparation for the installation we needed to create the strips of fabric to suspend from the beams to create the fabric element of the installation.

Testing three different fabric types

To test the kind of fabric we thought would work best for the instillation we worked with the projection team to understand how they wanted their projections to be displayed. It was especially important to discuss the thickness of fabric that would work best. We tested this by suspending three different thickness of material, a mesh, a thin fabric and a heavy fabric. Following this we decided that a thin calico would work best as it would be easy to source and would display the projections well. We then used laser measure to measure the height of space and decided to lower the beams to a height of 5 metres to suspend the fabric from. Using such long lengths of fabric would allow the installation to be more immersive and for the projections to project through the space well.

Testing different fabric types with projections

After deciding on the fabric and dimensions for our handing fabric we visited Fancy Silk Store and purchased 20 Metres of on a thin Calico. Thin enough to allow projections to partially pass through but thicker than a mesh to allow the projections to be displayed.

Creating the fabric for installation

We then cut this into 5 metre lengths and then cut this further down into a smaller and larger strip leaving us with eight lengths of fabric as shown in the above diagram. Four strips would be suspended off the first beam on the shell and four more off the second bean.

The strips of fabric would then be tied onto these beans before being suspended at 5 metres and being projected onto as shown in the drawings below.

By opting to use calico, a popular material, and cutting it into non destructive lengths, it can easily be re purposed to cut down on waste following the installation.

Written by EH

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