Autonomy, Complicity & Ascension | General Design.

After designing the performance in the shell, putting all different ideas from each group together, it was time to colaborate as a big team and translate all those different concepts into one that could fit in the Bramall Music Building’s Dome. After debating it, we all came to the conclusion that our concepts were similar due the idea of the maze, where each individual makes its own decisions and takes its own paths, thus having a personal ascension. This ascension would be achieved with ramps, that will adapt to the walls curvature, and  would culminate in the centre. Here there will be a platform with a pulling system that would raise you until you get to see the whole Dome in a 360º view. For achieving a more complex experience, the maze would be buit from the combination and alternation of string walls and fabrics. In the walls group we have developed different patterns for the strings, following the 1212421 number combination, that prompt you to touch them. The performance will consist on a multisensory experience where sound, smell, touch, light and movement will take place, recreating a complex and  unique space.



String Experiment Ai
String Experiment Ai

Wall patterns



plansgood line




DetailsFull Platform
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