Session 5: Desktop Crits


Desktop Crits

From the feedback received from the students  the key suggestion they made for a way for us to help them was to review their work in a more formal manner.  We therefore acknowledged this feedback and suggested to the students that we could undertake a desktop crit. This was a particularly useful task as it allowed the students to gain some experience of how it is to be an architecture student.

Feedback Sheets

These desktop crits were particularly useful as we undertook these on the last session in the school; this would enable them to take our feedback and improve on the key pints we suggested after we leave.  We took a similar approach as to how we would in an architecture school by giving feedback sheets listing improvements, precedents and ideas to move forward. From this task we received a positive reaction from the students and in turn we felt that this was an effective method where not only did they learn from us but they also learnt from their peers who were getting involved within the discussion.


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