Innovative Urban Lighting Week 4 Group 4 – Presentation to MA Product Design students

During this week we presented our ideas to MA product design students for the development of lighting and street furniture. At this stage we took on board the Canal and River Trust Q&A gathered by Janeregarding the landscaping the existing path to provide seating area with lighting for the public. From this we decide to simplify our design and focus on the purpose of the lighting and how it engages with the users and space.


I presented the strategy to the students for feedback on the concept and weather it would work as a pavilion on water as a furniture.

Untitled-2.jpgThe lighting we considered using was LED’s to be placed within the structure and easy to replace.  The LED lighting fitting assembled in the steel structure.

I presented the ideas to MA product design students for feedback.

Tasmanian Wood 

Related imageImage result for tasmania based furniture

At this stage, the we had many concepts options and one which was to incorporate the canal boats as potential users to attached the boats onto lighted poles . This precedent influenced our design to provide a lighting element for the boat users to attached the boats and provide a space for them to use using the pavilion concept.

Overall, the feedback from the MA student was great and made us develop our concept considering the factors of users, materials, installation, and day and nighttime activity of the proposed design.

Mohammed Shaed


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