Mould Throwing and Firing


Figure 1 – Mould with Base Design slotted on

This week is dedicated to throwing into the mould, which Marcin and Will participated in. Below (Fig.2) you can see the throwing in action after the Ibstock clay has been needed ready for throwing by Marcin.


Figure 2 – Preparing to throw the clay into the mould

The image below is Marcin pressing and needing the clay further into the clay mould to make sure any gaps are as small as possible and the mould is filled.


Figure 3 – After clay has been thrown into the mould

Following the throwing process, Will unscrewed the mould (Fig.4) to take the sides off so that the moulded clay brick could be accessed and removed carefully.


Figure 4 – Mould side piece removed

We created a few moulds between us and tried to take the brick out in various ways to find the fastest and most effective method of removing the clay brick while keeping it majorly in tact. See below for the bricks we made and placed ready for firing (Fig.5).


Figure 5 – Bricks made from the mould and ready for firing.

Group C | Danielle Long, William Gibson, Joshua Bright, Marcin Solowinski
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