The Interim Presentation for this design project took place on Thursday 21st February and for it we had to prepare everything we had done on the design so far – including a short presentation, verbal explanation and scaled model – and anything else that would assist us in communicating our concept the scene we had been designing for.

This was a positive experience as it meant we had to make decisions and finalise them, while ensuring we could also clearly communicate the design to others.

The following form was filled out by our tutors and the constructive feedback has enabled us to push our design further:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 17.18.19


The main feedback on our design concept:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 17.18.00

The main points for progression were:

  • Define and finalise the projection video for the back stage wall.
  • Define and finalise the frame from which the fabric panels hang – consider a different shape, perhaps a circular or oval shape to create more interesting shadows and enable more flexibility with the fabric panels.
  • Finalise the sizes for the fabric pieces to be hung from the circular frame.
  • Produce a set of technical drawings clearly showing the overall concept and dimensions needs to construct the stage set (fabric panels, lighting plan, location of the frame)

The main feedback we will be working from is that of the frame to hang the curtain panels from.

How can we develop the design of the frame? How can we enhance the shape of the frame to create shadows and atmosphere on stage? We plan to work with the group designing the scene that occurs just before ours, and use the frame design for both scenes; as both scenes take place inside the palace stage set.

Group 4: Emily Mitchell




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