Antigone – Group 2 – Word Projection Concept

After researching relevant precedent studies our concept really started to develop. In particular we felt the Nota Bene precedent where the digital installation projects text and creates a silhouette background from this of particular relevance to our concept. A similar approach could be utilised in our design to project key word from the play to help add to the atmosphere. These buzz words would be selected to emphasise key aspects of the scene and the emotions of the characters involved.

We took our concept of coloured lighting to reflect the mood of the character in the scene and combined this with the use of key buzz words to help emphasise the key emotions and aspects from the scene. This then developed into the concept of projecting these colours and key phrases onto the faces of the actors. The silhouette created of their face from the projection could also then emphasises mood changes in the scene and the emotion the character is portraying.

Scenes such as fire or a forest can also be utilised as part of the projections or backdrops as they have connotations to the perception of the emotion in the scene.  The forest would connote a calming more tranquil mood whereas fire would reflect a much more aggressive and angry state of the characters.

We felt that it may be too obvious and condescending to simply project key words relating to the emotion or mood of the character. In order to address this we began experimenting with distorting the words and felt the outcome was particularly successful. Glasses were used during the experiment to distort the word but for a final installation could be edited into the video ready to be projected. Distorting the word creates a bit more intrigue for the audience and creates a much more visual backdrop which would incorporate a lot more movement.

In order to test our concept we created a 1:20 scale model of the theatre space which would be used for experimenting with these concepts. Coloured acrylic sheets were used to cut out words; this would help provide the colour for the mood lighting but could also be used to distort the word when bent. By combining the key buzz words, colour reflecting the mood lighting and scene projection of fire and trees we felt a real strong concept had developed which we could use to later develop into our final edited projection videos.


By Marcus Gregory Smith

Group 2 – Marcus, Dela, Danielle, Yousef

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