Antigone – Group 2 – Colours and Moods

Our concept is based around portraying and exaggerating the emotions of the characters and the moods throughout scene 2. The use of colour can be one of the biggest factors in creating mood within theatre and will form an integral part of our concept. In order to better understand how colour can be incorporated into the scene it was important to analyse the script and note down key changes in the mood of the play. These could then be combined with colours which would help portray that particular emotion thus enhancing the experience for the audience.

Colours and Moods

  • Guards discover Antigone burying her brothers body and confront her










  • Antigone confesses to being responsible for burying her brothers body to Creon










  • Ismene also confesses to Creon although she played no part










  • Antigone defends Ismene which leads to a small argument between the two










  • Creon decides to punish both Antigone and Ismene by locking them away










By Marcus Gregory Smith

Group 2 – Marcus, Dela, Danielle, Yousef

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