Antigone – Group 2 – Proposal

It was decided that our concept could be utilised for both scene two and also for setting the atmosphere on the journey of the audience from the bar to their seats. As our concept uses lighting and projections to create the background to the scene the only physical installation we require would be a series of backdrops positioned to the rear of the stage.

Lighting Rig PlanFloor Plan

As the existing theatre space has a number of lighting rigs in situ it made sense on both an economic and logistic point of view to utilise these in our concept. As the lighting rig plan shows there are a number of possibilities for mood lighting and projection throughout the theatre space and above the seating.

The sections and the interior visuals give an idea of how our concept could function during the play. A background of key buzz words, colour and scene projections would be utilised and would form the backdrop for the actors during scene two. Lighting gobo’s would be installed throughout the space to set the scene. This could be coupled with the extension of the concept installation through to the bar area and the possibilities of this needs to be examined further.


By Marcus Gregory Smith

Group 2 – Marcus, Dela, Danielle, Yousef

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