Antigone – Group 2 – Interim Critique Feedback

We presented our current concept and ideas to the other groups and two other Co.Lab subjects as part of our interim critique. Our 10 minute presentation focused on the development of our concept from our initial idea, analysis of precedents, plans and sections for our installation and proposed visuals.


  • Consider using the bar area – move the projections to this area
  • Use junction of where two walls meet to distort the projections
  • Experiment more with the projections, use distortion and head shots in the projections
  • Consider using hanging material for a backdrop – discuss with scene 3 and 4
  • Use the model for more experimentation with projection
  • Create high quality visuals that would be projected in the bar area to introduce characters
  • Experiment with the colours of the lighting to create mood and record the results

Following on from this interim critique we have subsequently learned that the structure of the adaptation will be different to that of the original script. Instead of five scenes the play will be split into five sections. Section one and two will be located outside in the courtyard. Section three will be an interval in which the audience will enter the bar area for drinks and refreshments. Section four will be the main bulk of the play and will take place in the main stage area. Section five will be the finale to the play and will conclude in the courtyard.

It was decided that our concept would work best in section three, the interval. This means our installation will focus entirely on the bar area and will not form any of the acting for the play. Instead our concept will be slightly adapted to suit our new role of setting the scene in the bar area, introducing the characters and creating the atmosphere before the main bulk of the play begins.


By Marcus Gregory Smith

Group 2 – Marcus, Dela, Danielle, Yousef

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