SCENE 4.II // Conceptual Development //


Anitonge is a Greek Tragedy and as such is a play filled with drama, tension and ultimately tragedy.

Our group have been assigned Scene 4.ii which follows the last minutes of Antigone and her final speech before she faces her death.

When thinking of a concept for this bleak scene we decided to focus on how to create a sense of hopelessness and sadness using minimal elements and stage props. We decided to use the combination of lighting, video projection and hanging fabric which combined will create a stage set that is filled with shadows, atmospheric lighting and will aim to enhance the sense of utter hopelessness and finality that Antigone faces in this scene.


A conceptual moodboard:


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 18.32.14


After deciding on these basic concepts we then tried to create some initial visuals, through sketching and drawing to begin conceptual development…



The main features of the stage design will be:

  • Layers of hanging fabric (translucent quality such as gauze or voile)
  • A video projection onto the back wall of stage (initial idea of bare tree branches)
  • Cold light single spotlights
  • A smoke machine/blower to create mist on stage

With single spotlighting on Antigone during the scene, and the chorus standing behind the hanging fabric the overall effect should be one of long shadows, dramatic lighting and an overall sense of hopelessness.



To demonstrate the visual concept on stage before developing the design further. Adding a video projection onto the back of the stage set adds layers and depth to the overall stage performance.


Group 4: Emily Mitchell




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