[EDIT/or] Interview Transcribing – Rosie Kay


The interview with Rosie Kay was conducted last week, and we were assigned with the second part of task 2, which is to transcribe the interview. The process of transcribing was long and time consuming, but being involved in doing research for Rosie Kay, and coming up with the questions ourselves, was helpful in the transcribing process, as it was easier to grasp what she was talking about.

In addition, through the questions forming process,  we had an idea of what to expect for the answers, so it was quite interesting to compare her answers with what we had anticipated. We noticed that, the questions that involved with Rosie Kay’s specific performances/shows such as the questions about the modern warrior, and the ballet on the buses and the Great train dance, the answers had the most clarity. For these questions, she talked about the influence of the size and quality of spaces in her performances, and the indoor and outdoor experiences in her shows. She was able to understand the questions more clearly and answer more effectively when the questions are focused specific on a performance or theme of the shows, than on questions based on a broader context.

Through this process, we identified the key elements to think about when framing questions for an interview to get the most effective and useful answers from an interviewee.

Fathmath Ihudha Amir
Edit/or – Editorial Team


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