Keeley Travel – Group 2

Today’s session really helped finalise our ideas and consolidate what we had all been working on during the pervious week. We have agreed to look at our chosen sites, which is a loop around the city centre as shown in the map, in three time periods, being the 1950’s, 1980’s and now. Our guide will be a journey through time without stating the time periods to the reader to showcase our thoughts of Birmingham being a “mess” of time. We feel the sites we have chosen really show the cycle of building, demolition and redevelopment, which happens all to often in will illustrate the book with images from all time periods and using the same key views throughout time, so areas are easily recognizable. However we will edit them so it is hard to recognize the time period without studying the images. For the text we are going to take influence from Ian Nairn and write in away of describing a walk around the city.



Sarah Ives (group 2)

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