Innovative Urban Lighting- Week 7 Group 2- Presentation

Formative presentations were held on 21.02.2018, where Phillips lighting had been invited to attend to hear about our projects, to discuss and provide feedback on how to move forward.

We had prepared a presentation which went through our initial analysis, site research/ findings and how that evolved into our design talking through visuals, models and drawings to explain the concepts and the vision for the lighting installation.

The key users who use the site

People who use the site

Access and characteristics of the Ashted locks

Key site charctheristics.jpg

By Day, by Night

Day and Night.jpg

It was extremely useful to engage with Phillips as they posed some questions to think about moving forward when resolving and finalising the design, such as vandalism? How the lighting component fits in within the artefact? The suggestion to factor in wind due to the height of the installation? These pointers which we are currently working towards for the final submission.

AK, Group 2


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