Innovative Urban Lighting Week 1 Group 4 – Site Visit

Monday 8th January

During the first site visit to Ashted Locks, located between the New Curzon Building and Student Accommodation (University Locks). We began to walk around the canal boundary to observe the initial site constraints and opportunities that could impact our design. We observed the canal traffic and circulation and realised the main user were joggers, cyclist and passers-by. The canal conditions were fairly clean and in good conditions, which has been maintained by the canal river trust.






During the second visit in the week, we decided to visit the site during the night to understand lighting levels. During the night the surrounding buildings around canal provided security through the lighting from the Curzon and University Locks buildings. Also, we thought of concept of linking the Curzon building to the canal through lighting pavilion as an art installation. However, during the day some areas of the canal were dark such as the tunnel providing narrow paths without lighting.


The majority of spaces to develop within Ashted Locks were dense and limited access however, at this early stage we decided to come up with few ideas of involved the canal for our concept and build a lighting feature for the public on water. The spaces also provided many pockets of green spaces across the boundary.

From this visit, we understood the site constraints and opportunities and began to commence with site analysis to assist with our early concept development.

Mohammed Shaed- Group 4


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