Keeley Travel – Group 2 – Book Making

Today’s session was run by Simon Goode from the London Centre for Book Arts, who taught us all about different book binding techniques. Simon took us through a step-by-step tutorial on how to do simple stitch binding and how we can enhance this by using different papers in all different shapes colours and sizes. Simon showed us all the equipment we will need when it comes to making our own books and the correct terminology used within publication making.


At the end of the session we had a tutorial on where we currently are in the project, Simon also sat in which helped get a fresh perspective on our project. During this discussion we managed to narrow down our ideas and define what we actually want our guidebook to achieve. We have now decided the time periods we are going to focus on and the route around the city, from this we have outlined a plan of what we want to achieve for next week.

Sarah Ives (Group 2)

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