Innovative Urban Lighting Week 1 Group 2 – Site Visit

Monday 8th January, We identified our site as Ashted locks, situated between the Curzon Building and University Locks student accommodation. Some of our observations from the site were that the overflows from the canal were quite large and offered a versatile space for potential projects. The buildings surrounding the site are both 6+ storeys high and the canal is at a lower level providing lots of vertical space overhead. Finally we found that during the day, the canals tunnels were pitch black, and felt that they would be something we may need to pay attention to.

We made a second visit to the site, this time during the night to asses the lighting levels. We found that the lighting was already adequate along the canal, due to the street light on the University accommodation side. This made us come to the conclusion that our lighting designs could be more decorative instead of functional. Again the tunnels were extremely dark, and particularly at night they did not feel safe.


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