Keeley Travel, Group 3, Week 5

Informal Group Presentation & Feedback Discussion

Monday 12th February 2018


We discussed as a group our initial findings for the sites we highlighted last week, this included sharing images and key information that related to the themes we had discussed in week 3. We combined our ideas into a PowerPoint presentation, which we presented to the other 3 groups. Using the presentation, we discussed our ideas with the other groups and received some feedback, we have recorded the outcome and noted the key points we need to resolve at this stage.


Key points which came out of the discussion included:



  • Rationale for choosing the sites
    • How are they linked?
    • What relationship they linked?
  • Precedent study
    • Form
    • Subject
    • Method
  • Target audience/ who is it for?



  • Digbeth Coach Station – Bullring/ St Martins – New street – Paradise Circus
  • Possibly a propaganda guide to Birmingham?
  • Convince outsiders to the city that the city is an undiscovered paradise?
    • Using fake news to distort the truth
    • Cleverly alter parts of the city we are not proud of
    • Select views/ angles to capture on ‘delightful’ views



  • Northerner/ southerner who has constantly ‘ripped’ Brummies and Birmingham   need convincing mat Brum is paradise
  • Need translation to speak to locals
    • Pull out page – how to approach the ‘Brummie’ (nature guide?)
    • Translation – half in Brummie (does this apply it?)



Minutes by Ningjing Yang


Group 3 – Jack, Holly, Dan, Ningjing

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