Choose Your Own Adventure? Group 1-Keeley Travel

After our feedback session last week Group 1 decided to ask ourselves some specific questions to help us to pin point our final decided route.

Who will the travel guide be written for? The tour guide will be aimed towards people from outside of Birmingham, over 18s only our target age range is 18-218.

What areas of Birmingham will the tour guide cover? New street station, China Town, Digbeth, Colmore, jewellery quarter.

As a group we have decided upon our intended route (pardon the pun) and the direction in which we want to go down is looking like a very interesting and somewhat whimsical one. Do you remember/ ever read any of those books entitled ‘Choose you’re own adventure’? Our plan as a group is to use a collection of different mixed medias to create an adventure travel guide riddled with choices leading the reader to different unique and fun places, the aim is to immerse the reader/user and help them get lost in a post car using Birmingham, that’s right Birmingham totally car-less!

Bellow are some images of precedents we have found for the style of graphics we want to achieve in our guide.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 19.26.55Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 20.28.41

Group 1: Sam, Leigh, Tyler and Kaitlin

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