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Critical Tourism​ | Group 3

For the last week’s discussion, our group have more specific goal for this project.

Birmingham is a strange city in my opinion, no one can say it is bad or good expressly. Before coming to Birmingham, I have lot of imagines for this city. But the reality is always cruel, I don’t know why the sky in this city is always grey and the air we breath is always dignified.

However, the day and day has passed, I slowly like Birmingham. Although I can not tell why. I think there are lot of people think like me.

So for people can know more about this city, our project will approach those information.[below]

  • City urban myths with some ‘fake news’.​​
  • Show the forgotten history and layering through time of Birmingham (not entirely factual).​​
  • Blend the historical images of Birmingham with those of today (not all images entirely of Birmingham).​​
  • Celebrate ‘self deprecation’ and our ability to be critical about our city by having a quiet joke with the tourists.​​
  • Celebrate the accent so often mocked by translating the guide phonetically on one side into ‘Black Country’.​​
  • Celebrate what we are proud of and perhaps cleverly alter aspects we are not so proud of.​

Images of the site [part of it]





we want to show the historical process of Birmingham to let people know more about this city.




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