Innovative Urban Lighting – Group 1 | Week 5 | Product development

On week 5 we started looking at different forms for our product, we looked back at our references, and into the use of bollard like structures, that could house an acrylic box on top of it to house our lighting elements.

We created a shape out of blue foam to match the size of our lighting element so we could place it in our concept models and work out appropriate sizes for the light housing.

IMG_0996 copy

We started with a very simple shape, a cube that was placed onto of a square shaped bollard, the idea for this basic shape was to get a good understanding for the size our lighting element.


After drawing up some initial ideas, we then turned to creating a small model of this design, to test things such as which sides of the box would be frosted etc, we made this test model out of acetate and trace, to show the different between acrylic and frosted acrylic.

Testing this small model was an important part of our design process as we were able to learn about how the lights might work inside the light housing. In the photos above the first test was the light box, the second test was the frosted piece of acrylic.


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